Adventure Rider Magazine Congregation Events 2020

NSW Tingha Sep 19 2020 – keep watching our FB, Website, Mag and Enews for updated info

WA Northcliffe Oct TBA keep watching our FB, Website, Mag and Enews for updated info

VIC and QLD events in planning for future events

Some info from 2019 events below

That’s Tingha done for another year 2019.

And what a great event it was.

Despite some tough, dry conditions, the roll up was big, and so was the list of big-name guests. People like Yamaha’s Stephen Gall, Peter Payne and Geez Goldhawk (with a living, breathing Ténéré 700!), Pod Active’s Brett Nicholas, Dakar racer Scott Britnell, Aussie enduro legend Chris Cater, Suzuki’s national marketing manager Lewis Croft, Steve and Jenny Smith from Adventure Moto, Howard and Fast Ed from Motorrad Garage…they were all there and all awesome. Miles Davis excelled himself on the bike – which isn’t easy. Miles is probably the only one who could do it – the Adventure Rider Magazine staff and the Vickery family at Green Valley Farm ran around like chooks with their heads cut off making sure everything went well, the catering was droolingly fabulous and the gymkhana better than ever.

A huge thanks to everyone involved, riders, staffers and even the kangaroos, seeing as they didn’t nail anyone.

Now it’s time to pack up and get over to Northcliffe in WA, where Motorrad Garage has prepared another fantastic WA Congregation.

October 12! See you there!

Probably the best bike event in WA this year!