Inside scoop on the SWM Superdual

Updated: July 13, 2017

Issue #24 of Adventure Rider Magazine, on sale in early August, has the initial inside info on SWM’s cracking Superdual.

It’s a bike the Australian adventure community has been busting to see, and it’s here at last.

The  forks have compression and rebound adjustment, the shock a remote preload adjuster to compensate for the extra load of pillion or luggage, and the 17/19-inch wheel combo will be supplied fitted with Metzler Tourance tyres and a cush-drive hub.

The big, burning question for everyone will be: “Where’s the 18/21-inch wheel set?” closely followed by, “And what about luggage?”

You’ll find the answers, and a lot of other info, in issue #24.

Best grab a copy, eh?


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