Kickstart Your Year Of Adventure Training With Maschine

Updated: February 13, 2019

We’re pumped to officially announce our calendar of adventure rider training for 2019.

We’ve been running motorcycle adventure tours and training since 2011 and in that time we have witnessed the common struggles riders encounter when they take their adventures further.

Regardless what brand of adventure or enduro bike you ride, or what size it is, we have experience in helping riders master control over their motorcycle off-road no matter the size, breed, or colour.

Our courses don’t just follow the typical “cookie cutter” approach others have.  We are continually innovating with our course offerings based on our customer feedback so that we deliver training to help you progress your skills to the ultimate level.

Pioneering the specialist adventure masterclasses and academies we offer, coupled with the general overarching Core and Intermediate courses, has put us at the forefront of the adventure bike training industry.

The Menu

Our menu of courses in 2019 has expanded to include two new specialist masterclasses – Hill Attack and the Desert Preppers Academy.  The choices allow riders to enter training at the level they deem appropriate for themselves to push their skills.

  • Core Adventure Training – 1 day
  • Intermediate Adventure Training – 1 day
  • Cornering Masterclass – 1 day
  • Sand Masterclass – 1 day
  • Hill Attack Masterclass – 1 day
  • Desert Preppers Academy – 2 days 
  • Maschine Adventure Academy – 4 days
View 2019 Rider Training Calendar Here…….


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