Maschine’s Burke and Wills expedition

Updated: May 24, 2017

AUGUST 19-29

Is your next big adventure?

Exactly 157 years to the day, the Burke & Wills Expedition will begin.  Ten days riding from the very cosmopolitan Melbourne into the heart of Australia with its wide, open plains and fenceless views right through to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

One of Australia’s most celebrated stories of exploration is that of Burke & Wills’ expedition into the heart of our nation in 1860.

‘Terra Incognita’ was the term used to describe the unknown land that lay north of Menindee, NSW. The mission given by the Royal Society of Victoria to the Burke & Wills exploration party was a scientific discovery of what lay in the unknown lands.

Maschine is going to lead you on the same trek, however with a much happier ending 🙂

Throughout the ride, Maschine will delve into the details of the original expedition. A narrator will tell the Burke & Wills story each night around the campfire and the ride will be guided by his stories as the ride searches for the clues, landmarks and remnants of the original trek.

There’s an extensive information pack on the Maschine website that lays out all of the details of the tour.  There are three different accommodation packages, all including breakfast and dinner daily.  There are also rental bikes and bike transport options available for the ride.

Whilst you’re on the Maschine site make sure you check out the media gallery from the last Expedition to see what you will experience during the ride.


When you register for the Burke & Wills Expedition before Friday, June 9, we have some fantastic early-bird offers to choose from.  There are only 10 early-bird places available, so to be eligible for these offers you’ll need to be quick.

All the info is at


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