Motoz Tractionator RallZ

Updated: July 17, 2019

Now available in tubeliss and tube type, 10 per cent road/90 per cent off-road.

  • Based on the popular Tractionator Adventure but with more aggressive off-road traction in all weather extremes
  • Off-road performance with reasonable on-road manners
  • Tested and proven construction and compound for adventure and rally use
  • Self-cleaning and self-sharpening tread pattern
  • Designed in Australia for dependable performance in a wide variety of conditions without the need to change tyre pressures between off-road and on-road
  • Excellent choice for outback desert to coastal forests and fire trails
  • Hybrid compound with Silica for optimum grip in mud and snow
  • RallZ also available in a range of tube type adventure sizes for lightweight adventure bikes

RRP: Tubeliss fronts $159.

Tubeliss rears $269.95.

Tube-type front $139.95.

Tube-type rear $169.95

Available from: Your Local Dealer

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