Wild Patagonia Motorcycle Tour with Compass Expeditions

Updated: February 22, 2020

This month we wanted to feature another reletively new Compass Expeditions tour option for one of our most popular riding destinations – Patagonia

Wild Patagonia

Compass Expeditions has been riding in Patagonia for over 11 years!

The Patagonia Explorer tour is our most popular and made it onto National Geographic Traveler’s “Tours of a Lifetime” list. It is still the only motorcycle tour ever to make that prestigious list.

In November 2019 Compass fulfilled a long-held plan to release a second Patagonia tour, this time for those looking to get a little bit wild!

Wild Patagonia shows off another side of Patagonia, the rugged and less accessible regions that many visitors will never get to experience.

One highlight of the tour is perhaps the most scenic road in all of South America but certainly one of the least known, the Carratera Austral, or Ruta 7 that offers an overload of scenic wonders. It is a spectacular ride through towering snow-capped peaks, perfect conical volcanoes, hanging glaciers, rare pristine forests, mighty fjords and a vastness virtually unmatched anywhere else on earth. We believe it is one of the best road trips on Earth!

That is a big call, we know, but here is some feedback from the first Wild Patagonia tour last November:
“Just letting you and Compass know we had a great time on the tour. The bikes were great, well set up for the various types of roads and riding we were doing. The scenery was fantastic, hotels and food were great and we had a very enjoyable time the whole trip. J.C. was a very capable tour leader and Eddy managed the van well, so it was well worthwhile doing and I would really recommend it to anyone interested in motorcycle touring (and of course it is much better to tour such scenic areas on a motorbike than in a coach).”

Peter, Australia “Let me tell you that this is the best scenery we have ever experienced. Today was simply stunning!

All the tours are different, and have their own character, but Wild Patagonia is definitely wild, and gets more and more stunning the further south you go.”

Pam and Walt, USA

“Stunning” seems to be the word most often used by the riders on the first tour and all were impressed by the fantastic riding included in the less travelled route.

The ride is approximately 80% sealed roads and 20% unsealed but 100% fun!

The tour begins and concludes in Santiago, Chile with all accommodation, transfers and internal flights as well as the bike, fuel and most meals included it makes for an easy and imersive South American experience packed into 15 days / 16 nights.

This years tour dates are 17th November to 3rd December 2020 so get your booking in soon if you don’t want to mioss out on this amazing patagonian experiendce.

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Tour Highlights

Chile and Argentina: A motorcyle adventure through the breathtaking landscape of ancient forests, tree-lined fjords, lakes, glaciers and towering volcanoes

After being closed to the outside world until the early 80s the 1240km / 775ml Carratera Austral, or Ruta 40, is fast becoming renowned as one of, if not the best road trips in the world, a huge claim indeed. This immense ride will take in the very best of the Carratera Austral, deep within Patagonia, & also the legendary Chilean Lakes District, Ruta 40 & the vastness of Argentina’s pampas. If towering snow-capped peaks, perfect conical volcanoes, hanging glaciers, rare pristine forests, legendary roads, mighty fjords and a vastness virtually unmatched anywhere else on earth then “Wild Patagonia” is your thing.

  • The Chilean Lakes District town of Pucon
  • Breathtaking Futaleufú
  • Ventisquero Hanging Glacier 
  • Enchanted rainforest  
  • Queulat National Park  
  • Towering mountains of Cerro Castillo
  • Endless fjord scenery of the Carratera Austral
  • Riding the legendary Ruta 40
  • Picture perfect Bariloche
  • Seven Lakes Drive

See all of the details here on the tour web page

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For more information visit www.compassexpeditions.com


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