The Compass Expeditions September newsletter

Updated: October 3, 2018
The Compass Expeditions September Newsletter
This month we have a visual feast for you highlighting many of the wonderful places that we can take you riding.
Words can only say so much but images and video can tell you the rest of the story of travelling with us to fantastic destinations and riding incredible routes.
Sit back and soak it in!
A Father and Son team in Patagonia
Back in November 2017 Jeremey Roberton and his son Tim journeyed with us on our Patagonia Explorer tour of Southern Chile and Argentina. Tim has compiled a fantastic video of their trip and we think that it shows exactly why the Patagonia Explorer tour has been a favourite with riders for so long.
Thanks for the use of the video Tim, it looks like you guys had a wonderful time!
We have limited places still available for our December 2018 departure and will be releasing the dates and details of tours in January and February 2020 very soon.
Please email us if you would like to hear about the new departures as soon as they are released.
Tim Roberton's Patagonia Explorer
Mongolia is magical from above
Keep an eye on the next issue of Australian Motorcyclist Magazine for a story by Mick McDonald who led our two first Mongolian Magic tours earlier this year.
Mick and the tour riders faced a few challenges on these tours, in Mick’s words:

I had never seen Mongolia so wet and the rivers so high, never, and talking to locals neither had they, in their lifetime. The ride had proven to be a huge challenge for some, but all came away with a real sense of achievement and vowed to return to what has to be some of the finest 
riding on earth, it was as the names suggest Mongolian Magic.
We had our new drone along for the rides and have captured some incredible footage of the tour from above. Thanks to Bagi for additional footage and images.
The August 2019 Mongolian Magic departure is booking fast – for more details please visit the tour web page.

Magical Mongolia
Kyrgyzstan Explorers see a different side of Central Asia
Many people we speak to about our tours see our Kyrgyzstan Explorer tour and look at us quizzically.
They know little or nothing about this, somewhat forgotten, ex-soviet state and have no idea of what to expect from a motorcycle tour of this fascinating country.
We think that this short video will give you a better idea of the epic scale and diverse nature of the landscape and the excellent riding opportunity that it affords the adventurous rider.
Kyrgyzstan is off the well-trodden (and ridden) tourist route but may not be for long, book your place on our 2019 tour and beat the rush to explore a destination soon to be on every adventure rider hit list.
Kyrgyzstan Explorers
“Last Places” still available on these tours….but not for long.
We have a few last places and beautiful images for the following tours and expeditions:
Cape Town to Cairo Expedition

Darwin to Beijing

Patagonia Explorer

Southern Lakes Explorer

Charley Boorman and Frank in Africa 
As I write this our second 2018 Charley Boorman African Adventure Ride is underway. Charley and the crew are half way from Victoria Falls to Cape Town and by all reports are having a great trip.
Frank and Anna Kopp were on the earlier tour from Cape Town to Victoria Falls and Frank was so kind in sharing his fantastic images of their adventure.
Thanks, Frank, it looks like you and the rest of the group had a blast with Charley and Billy!
We are taking bookings for the 2019 Charley Boorman African tours if you would like to book your own adventure for next year.
Frank and Anna - Cape Town to Victoria Falls
True North; Alaska!
For this one, I am not even going to try to add any description. If these spectacular images of Alaska do not make you want to start packing your ride gear immediately then I guess awe-inspiring scenery, wildlife and adventure must not be your thing?
True North - Alaska
Northern Thailand in Style.
We have mentioned the unique foodie aspect of our Northern Thailand In Style tour in earlier editions of this newsletter so this month I wanted to highlight the riding that our 10-day tour in February will involve.
Thailand is not all about flavour, up north we will be riding in and around the “Golden Triangle”, Pai, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai region that holds, hidden in the lush green valleys, some of South East Asia’s best motorcycling roads.
The road of 1,864 curves to Mae Hong Son is guaranteed to be up there on your favourites if you join us in February for a fantastic adventure in food and fun riding.
Northern Thailand in Style
The Road Of Bones – The view from the sidecar!
Herman and Azar are the brave souls who ventured our epic Road Of Bones Expedition with a sidecar this year.
We believe that this is the first attempt to take a sider car unit on the London to Magadan route and we applaud Azar’s tenacity as Herman’s passenger. It must have been a wild ride!
Although the unit did not complete the whole distance under the power of the highly modified Yamaha Super Tenere, the couple certainly did everything possible to get their rig to Magadan.
Azar has compiled a wonderful video of her experience from her seat in the sidecar.
Congratulations to Azar, Herman and all of the riders of the 2018 Road of Bones Expedition for your incredible efforts.
If you are keen to join us for the 2020 expedition, you may have missed out!
Our final place on the 105-day journey in 2020 was secured by a lucky rider this week.
We will be starting a wait list in case any places become available in the lead up to the 2020 expedition. Wait listers will also be the first to hear about the next departure of the London to Magadan Expedition when the details are released.
The View From The Sidecar
Australia is a wonderful destination for your next ride. 
If you call Australia home or are travelling to visit our vast continent-country, we have a ride option that is certain to suit your style of motorcycle adventure.
For those who like their roads sealed, we have the Charley Boorman, Tasmania and the high country tour in February.
For those who like to mix it up a bit and want to see more of the north the new Iconic Australia, Reef to Red Centre, North West Passage and classic Australian Encompassed might be the ones you are looking at.
If it is a shorter break from”The Everyday” that you are looking for check out our 5-day ride out in Port Macquarie on the east coast for your choice of both dirt and blacktop options.
It is running the week directly after our Compass Expeditions Reunion Weekend.
Australian Tours Australian Tours Australian Tours Australian Tours
Australian Tours Australian Tours Australian Tours Australian Tours
Need a motorcycle mechanic in Melbourne’s west?
Compass Expeditions has recently acquired the services of Jordan Whiskin, our fully qualified, BMW trained mechanic at our depot and workshop, Western Motorcycle Service and Repairs, in Melbourne’s west.
Here is Jordan speaking about his new role.
To book a service or repair for your bike please contact us via the Western Motorcycle Service and Repairs web page 
Western Motorcycle Service and Repairs


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