Touratech ZEGA Evo panniers

Updated: May 24, 2019

High-end aluminium pannier from Touratech

The ZEGA Evo, the new generation of Touratech’s legendary aluminium pannier system, is ready for action! 

The ZEGA Evo combines the robustness of its predecessors, proven 10,000 times over, with extra convenient handling – not least thanks to a completely new mounting mechanism.

For over 25 years, the aluminium panniers of the ZEGA family have set the standard for luggage transport on motorcycles. Like its predecessors, the new ZEGA Evo is made of high-strength 1.5-millimetre thick aluminium, but is far more robust and convenient.

A world first is the terrain-proof mounting and locking mechanism. It is even more robust than its predecessor system and offers unrivalled one-handed convenience as well.

The now rounder design of the fasteners gives them a pleasant feel and significantly improves ease of use.

To assist the user with luggage organisation, there are pre-installed fastening hooks on the inside of the lid. The outside of the lid is equipped with high-strength attachment eyes in proven manner. 

The ZEGA Evo is equipped as standard with a carrying handle made of webbing, integrated into the lid recess.

The ZEGA Evo can be ordered in the following sizes: 31 / 38 / 45 litres. There is a choice of silver or black anodised surfaces. For more info log on to


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